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Karen Guitman, RP

Hello, my name is Karen. For most of my life I have been on a journey of seeking and learning. I am now integrating the many gifts and sources of wisdom that I have collected into my psychotherapy practice.

I was born in Toronto and raised mainly in the Windsor area of Ontario. As a young person I was always very interested in learning about other people, and was fascinated by the relationships between them. The pursuit of understanding human beings, and their relationships, became the focus of my life’s journey.

During my early career as an educator, I discovered a new world and perspective in the study of spiritual science (anthroposophy). This encounter was to change, enlarge, and enliven my image of the human being, human development, and human relationships. It cultivated in me the courage to completely change my life and perspective, both for myself and my four children. The journey began with a course in Sacred Service with Robert and Cheryl Sardello through the School of Spiritual Psychology. This program led me to the Rudolf Steiner College in California, where I completed a four-year training in eurythmy, a movement art. While teaching eurythmy, I completed a three-year training in anthroposophical psychology through the Association for Anthroposophical Psychology (AAP). All of these experiences deepened my understanding of human beings and inspired me to focus my career in social services.

I went on to complete a master degree in counselling psychology with Yorkville University, and became a registered psychotherapist (# 8775) with the CRPO in Ontario. I appreciated the opportunity to integrate everything I learned through this academic program with the perspectives and broader view of the human being that I had internalized through anthroposophy and eurythmy. I also completed my certificate in marriage and family therapy with the University of Guelph, which allowed me to extend my practice to include couples, partners, family members and peer relationships. Finally, during my internship, I was introduced to the Internal Family Systems approach to therapy. This approach aligned with all that I was hoping to bring into my therapy work, so I completed the Level One Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) courses with the IFS Institute. 

The integration of the academic program with my wealth of spiritual learning and life experience provides the base from which I am able to support my clients while they learn to observe and appreciate their amazing systems, within themselves and between each other. I am humbled and honoured to serve as a guide to my clients, sharing their journey and helping them move towards harmony and healing. 


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