Karen Guitman

Grief & Loss

Loss is a natural part of life.

Yet, we live in a time and society where loss and grief are often denied or pathologized. Working with loss and grief is a very personal and individual process that can not be hurried or compressed into a particular time frame or format. It includes working with all parts of your system that may need to:

  • allow memories to come
  • allow and explore all feelings that come up around the loss
  • explore one’s belief about life, death, and what may lay in between
  • explore spiritual and faith based activities — and questions
  • readjust to life
  • face the fears of death and loss
  • etc.

Types of Grief & Loss

Grief work also is not limited to losses through death. Loss happens to us in many forms and needs to be grieved / worked with, for example:

  • loss of youth
  • loss of a dream
  • loss of a relationship or career
  • financial loss
  • loss of health and physical capacity
  • loss of status
  • loss of culture and home
  • loss of trust or safety
  • loss of memory and mental capacity
  • loss of security
  • loss of innocence
  • etc.


Processing grief and loss through your system takes time and often feels like intense and painful waves that gradually lessen in intensity. Together we support your parts in this process, and as they become more and more aware that you are the inner resource that can be there for them even when the waves are at their highest, the inner equilibrium and peacefulness increasingly returns.

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