Karen Guitman

Individual Therapy

I help you connect and strengthen your relationship with the wise, compassionate core of yourself.

This core or ‘Self’ is a constant source of comfort and calmness in the midst of life’s challenges. As this inner relationship between your Self, and all that you are, grows, so does your capacity to enrich and strengthen your relationships with other people and life.

My work with individuals is based in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. IFS views human beings as consisting of different ‘parts.’ Often these parts are at odds, for example one part may want to be social and attend an event, while another part prefers to be alone or one part is fearless and takes on challenges head on while another part is fearful and prefers to hide. Most of the time these polarizations go on in all of us.

In an IFS session, I help you come into conscious relationship with your parts. Through these growing relationships your parts begin to come into balance which allows you to begin to lead with your deepest, wisest Self, rather than from your young, wounded parts. This core Self (the You) that is curious, calm, courageous, compassionate, and clear is the one that can witness the pain and help release and transform the wounds and beliefs that your parts have been holding.

I am always fascinated and amazed at the transformation I witness in clients (and myself) with IFS. Our work together will help you accept, hear, and take care of all parts of you. This work creates a safe space, in which even deep wounds that seemed unapproachable are witnessed and healed. As the wounds are healed, and the parts are unburdened, the ‘Self’ shines through and you experience a deep, abiding calmness and peace within.

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