Karen Guitman

Client-Therapist Relationship

Psychotherapy is a process that needs to go on in between sessions in order to truly create lasting change.

As you go through your therapy you will learn tools to create change in your life, gain a different perspective, and ground your new understanding of yourself and your life. The more you use these tools in between sessions, the quicker they will become second nature and your new way of living life.

Your process will work best if you feel safe and comfortable in the therapeutic relationship. I strive to build a safe environment of trust and support which allows you to look at parts of yourself or your life that may not feel comfortable or even ‘allowed’ in your life outside the therapy office.

Like any relationship, the therapeutic relationship is only as good as its boundaries. Mutual respect of time and space are important to make this relationship work. Holding to agreements like appointment times, cancellation times, fee schedules etc. is part of a respectful relationship. Another part is honesty and direct communication. If at any point you have questions or concerns about your therapy, please let me know. I can’t help you or make a change if I don’t know that there is a problem or what the problem is.

Helping you find Self-empowerment

For me the goal of your therapeutic process (beyond helping you achieve the goals you are setting for yourself) is to empower you to direct your own process, your own exploration, and your own life with more certainty and confidence. When you don’t need my services anymore, we have reached that goal. I also believe that we all carry all the answers to our life’s questions already within us, therefore I will encourage you to stand in your power in your sessions whenever possible. I won’t give advice on how to live your life or answer direct questions about what to do in specific situations. Instead I will help you discover your answer from within yourself.

My approach in all endeavours is personal, non-denominational, non-judgmental, non-prescriptive, and deeply honouring of the individual I am working with. I see myself as a guide: holding a light, suggesting possible directions and pathways, bringing awareness to stumbling stones and possible detours, and offering a hand when you slip, stumble, or fall on the way. I would be honoured to walk with you for a part of your journey.

As a registered psychotherapist in Ontario my work is also guided by the professional standards set by my College. If you would like to enquire about these standards, please check the College’s website at http://www.crpo.ca/

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