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Karen Guitman, RP

About Me

Hello, my name is Karen Guitman. For most of my life I have been on a journey of seeking and learning. I am now integrating the many gifts and sources of wisdom that I have collected into my psychotherapy practice.

The integration of the academic program with my wealth of spiritual learning and life experience provides the base from which I am able to support my clients while they learn to observe and appreciate their amazing systems, within themselves and between each other. I am humbled and honoured to serve as a guide to my clients, sharing their journey and helping them move towards harmony and healing. 

How I can help you

My Approach & Specialties

I believe that everyone can move toward being whole and well, both within themselves and in their relationships. For some, doubt, insecurities, or fear are the main hurdles. For others, past wounding may hold them back from moving forward, or perhaps more serious mental and emotional health issues may present seemingly insurmountable barriers to well-being. Whatever you are experiencing, I will strive to serve you in the way that is best for you, dedicated to the well-being of you and/or your relationship.

Fear & Anxiety

Fear is not a feeling to get rid of, but one to understand and work with. Unburden and heal the parts holding overwhelming anxiety.

Grief & Loss

Loss is a natural part of life. Working with loss and grief is a very personal and individual process. Grief work is not limited to losses through death. Loss happens to us in many forms.

Life Transitions

Life transitions are turning points in our life-story. How we navigate them defines how the rest of our story goes.

Internal Family Systems

Understanding we are composed of many ‘parts’ can help our struggles seem less overwhelming, This process helps to bring a permanent peacefulness and calm to our inner system.

Intimacy from the Inside Out

These empowering perspectives help us to become an active and involved part of our own healing journey, because within each of us, in addition to our 'parts', is a wise core, a ‘Self.’

Client-Therapist Relationship

You will learn tools to create change in your life, gaining a new perspective and understanding of yourself and your life. Your process will work best if you feel safe and comfortable in the therapeutic relationship.


Types of Therapy

I provide 3 main types of virtual therapy…

Individual Therapy

I help you connect and strengthen your relationship with the wise, compassionate core of yourself. 

Couples Therapy

I help couples (or any two people) identify and change the patterns of behaviour that are contributing to their lack of connection.

Therapist Consultations

I offer individual and group consultations for therapists who have been trained in IFS and seek to improve their skills.

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